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Bergamo – TOP 4 Practical Tips for Travelers

Bergamo – TOP 4 Practical Tips for Travelers

Bergamo is an old and very beautiful town that attracts tourists with its architectural attractions and special relaxing atmosphere, typical of small provincial towns of Italy.
Of course, Bergamo cannot be matched with such popular traveling destinations as Milan or Florence, but undoubtedly it can offer lots of fun to its visitors as well. Therefore, when touring northern Italy, make sure you stay in Bergamo at least for a couple of days.
Without a doubt, this city has something to surprise you with! But before you set off to Bergamo, check out some useful tips that will promote a smooth and enjoyable stay in the city!

When is the best time to come to Bergamo?
bergamo3As Bergamo is situated in the subalpine zone, the local climate here is fairly mild. If speaking about Bergamo as a traveling destination, then certainly it’s easier and more convenient to explore the area during July and August, when the temperature rises up to 28-30 degrees.
In May and June it’s not so hot, the temperature ranges from 22 to 25 degrees, but in May it can be rainy, so the most fortunate time to visit Bergamo is June. In September the heat subsides, but sudden rains happen frequently.

The “wettest” months are October and November, when the weather and the surroundings are dull and dreary. In winter the weather is pretty much the same. Although the temperature never drops below 3 degrees, the sky is almost always grey and overcast, the air is moist and a thick fog often hangs over the city. Because of the moisture in the streets it’s not really a pleasant time for sightseeing.
Of course, there are some sunny days in winter, but mainly the weather is cold and disgusting. Besides, the fog may considerably impair your photos and impressions.
How to entertain yourself in Bergamo and surroundings?
The abundance of natural attractions and parks in Bergamo make it a great destination for a family holiday. Fans of the nightlife will also love it there. Despite the fact that Bergamo swarms with clubs and bars, each establishment can surprise the guests with a variety of entertainment programs. One of the recommended clubs in the city is Capogiro Club. It offers a spacious room, a great dance floor and a bar with a variety of drinks.
Lovers of outdoor recreation should definitely visit Le Cornelle Animal Park, where you can arrange a picnic, admire exotic flowers, gorgeous old trees, and amazing landscape design.

bergamo2Fans of ecotourism are recommended to rent a car and set off to Lake Como. The place is famous for breathtaking landscapes and it may take a few hours to explore local natural sights!
The fans of skiing should head on to Cantoniera della Presolana. There are several upscale ski slopes, as well as a special ski area for snowboarders.

Where to stay over in ​​Bergamo?

In Bergamo you can choose a night’s lodging either in the Upper town or in the Lower town. Each area is interesting and attractive in its own way. If you opt for the Upper Town, you will be surrounded by the medieval atmosphere of antiquity, which is made up by the cobbled narrow streets, massive stone buildings and stunning churches. In addition, you can find there good restaurants and pastry shops.

Besides, it’s easy to reach San Vigilio Castle, which is located over the Upper Town and offers even more spectacular views of Bergamo, the surrounding hills and mountains. It should be mentioned that prices in the hotels of the Upper Town are higher than in the hotels of the Lower Town. So, focus on the Lower Town if you have a small budget.
The Lower Town also abounds with the hotels, though they are located not in a compact way. If you choose this part of Bergamo for a night’s lodging, you can focus on the area between the railway station and the area of ​​Porta Nuova, which is located just in a five minutes’ walk from the train station. This area is convenient if you plan to use Italian railways and want to visit the nearby towns and villages.

Where to eat in Bergamo?
bergamo1Despite the fact that Bergamo is not a big town, there are several Michelin restaurants:
«La Delizia»
This is a famous restaurant of regional cuisine, where you can order specialty dishes of Lombardy, vegetarian dishes and national dishes of the other countries. The restaurant offers quite affordable prices. During the lunch you can order a combined meal for just 10 EUR, while dinner will cost at least 25 EUR per person.
Address: Largo Porta Nuova, 12
«Roof Garden»
While sitting in this restaurant you can admire the most romantic views of ​​Bergamo’s Upper Town. The establishment serves a variety of specialty dishes, which you can hardly find in the other cafes. However, the restaurant is very expensive. An average bill per person is 50 EUR. The restaurant is closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, and sometimes in the middle of August.
Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 6
Now check out a few eateries with cheap prices:
In this is restaurant you can enjoy pizzas, pastries, panini, tapas and burgers. Although this is a kind of a fast-food restaurant, it absolutely has nothing to do with the renowned McDonald’s, because you can order there a fresh, crunchy bread and flavorful toppings! Prices for everything range from 3 to 9 EUR.
Address: Via Sant’Alessandro 1/a
This place is considered the best ice cream cafe in Bergamo. The range of ice cream is changing every month. Definitely, the cafe is a paradise for lovers of ice cream and other sweets! The prices there are pretty cheap and range from 5 to 9 EUR. Another benefit of the café is that it’s spacious, so there are always places to sit.
Address: Via Papa Giovanni XXIII
So, hopefully even if Bergamo is not the main destination of your trip to the north of Italy, you will still be able to spend a couple of days of the vacation in this city. After all, whenever you come to Bergamo, you can always have fun, enjoy peace, tranquility and breathtaking sceneries!



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