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Beijing tours to terracotta warriors

Beijing tours to terracotta warriors

There are many voices who say that visiting China and not seeing the terracotta warriors is akin to visiting Egypt and not seeing the pyramids, and as such that where some Beijing tours to terracotta warriors can be very helpful.

The terracotta warriors can be found still at their posts, protecting the Emperor Qin Shi Huang in his afterlife. He was the one who unified China for the first time in history back in 221 BC and who established the rather short-lived Qin Dynasty which in turn started China’s over two millennia of feudal society.

The terracotta army is located 1.5 kilometers east of Qin Shihuang mausoleum and is only a part of the attraction. It’s interesting to note that the soldiers were discovered by some farmers digging a well back in 1974, and since then it has turned into a world famous attraction which sees about 40,000 people a day visiting the museum.

The museum and mausoleum is located 30km east of Xian, and that’s why you can employ Beijing tours to terracotta warriors to see one of the main attraction in this area. There are three ways of visiting the museum, you can rent an audio guide, use a tour guide service or a guidebook.

The first option is arguable since the narrator might have a heavy accent and thus make it difficult to understand on the other hand the third option is the quickest. The tour guide option would be the best but it requires some research ahead of time because if you wait till you get to the ticketing office, you’ll be swamped by tour guides eager to offer you their services.

A couple of tips for when you visit the army, the first one being to not purchase a copy of a warrior on your way in, because you’ll have to carry them with you during that whole time, buy them on your way out.



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