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Beijing Airport to Great Wall tour

Beijing Airport to Great Wall tour

When you’re planning a China trip, you simply have to visit the Great Wall and thankfully there is the option of employing a Beijing Airport to great wall tour that will take you there as quickly and as safely as possible.
You can of course go there on your own but it is much more advisable to employ a professional tour package that will take you right from the airport to the Wall and then back again.
There are lots of advantages when employing Beijing Airport to Great Wall tour, the first one being that the tour guide will be waiting for you in the arrival hall of the Beijing International Airport. The guide will have a sign with your name on it and you’ll find them after you clear customs, just walk to the exit and find the guide there. They’ll take you to your private car/van and then the one-hour drive from Beijing Airport to Mutianyu Great Wall begins.
The Mutianyu Great Wall was considered by many as a beautiful part of wall in northern Beijing, featuring green vegetation covering the mountains, it isn’t a very crowded area of the Wall, it can actually be rather quiet allowing you to hear birds if you get there in the early morning. the Great Wall is opened from 07:30 to 18:00, so it is quite possible to make it there that early.
You’ll have about an hour at your disposal to hike the Great Wall and then you’ll be shuttled back to the airport. With this tour a meal will not be included but at the same time there are also no hidden fees and no tourist traps to be found, so you get maximum value for your money.
The price of the Beijing Airport to Great Wall tour includes the round trip Benjing Airport transfer by private vehicle as well as the entrance fee to the Wall.



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