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How to beat jet lag (part 3)

How to beat jet lag (part 3)

In the previous articles on how to beat jet lag we first talked about doing all you can to prepare for the trip and then what you can do if you don’t prepare for the trip, so today we’ll look at some other general tips.

How about using pharamaceutical drugs to deal with the problems?

Maybe, it depends, a melatonin supplement has been proven to have great results. The hormone regulates our sleep rhythms, and taking a synthetic dose speeds your adjustment to a new time zone. Problem is, melatonin is treated differently depending on where you’re going, in the US and EU it is a dietary supplement while in Australia for instance, it requires a prescription. You could always bring some with you if you have it available in your country.

Quick tips on how to beat jet lag

Some people tend to fare much better after a long-haul flight if they keep moving, so in case you’re spending a bunch of time in the airport, if you need to rest try to have a nap but otherwise you might find it useful to keep moving.

Sunglasses are your friend

In case you’re taking a red-eye, make sure to pack some sunglasses because everything else will be really bright and hurt your eyes once you land. Wearing them will also help you get to sleep since it will tell the brain that it’s time to go to sleep as opposed as it getting overly stimulated by the lights.

Go with the insanity that is jet lag

In some cases – and especially if you’re a night owl – you just have to embrace the jet lag and get in on whatever all-night activities your destination offers. Japan has twenty-four-hour karaoke, London has some great early-morning markets.



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