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Barcelona trip

Barcelona trip

Barcelona is not only Spain’s second-largest city, but it is also by far its most cosmopolitan city, while at the same time managing to be one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean coast. It’s a place where the restaurants, bars and clubs are constantly packed, and this is more-so true during the warm months when holiday season is in full blast and the seaside is packed as well.

Even though one might get the first impression that Barcelona only exists to satisfy the hedonistic pleasures of its inhabitants and its visitors, but this is still the most busy port in Spain, a very hard-working city which features a heavy concentration of hi-tech and biomedical businesses.

The city’s history is regarded with pride by present-day inhabitants, having been around since the Roman era, then it transformed into a medieval trade hub and its ‘old centre’ features one of the largest concentrations of Gothic architecture in the whole of Europe. The architecture appeal of Barcelona does not stop there however, seeing how beyond the centre you can see some quite bizarre buildings as well, possibly most famous of which is the Sagrada Familia church, designed by none other than Antoni Gaudi.

Art and culture have been a staple part of Barcelona for a long time, and it has been a ground breaker in the area of art, architecture and style possibly since the late 19th century when it started to show great examples of Modernism and then moved forward with names like Picasso and Susana Solano.

Barcelona is also the capital of the region of Catalonia, a region of the country that has its own language, character and history, in fact many Catalans consider their region to be pretty much a different country altogether. While the city itself can surely keep one occupied for weeks on end with its attractions and sights, rest assured that its surroundings offer great beaches and the Montserrat mountain range is not far away either.

Barcelona city tour can be the most exciting experience you have ever had. The pearl of Spain, Barcelona will never leave anyone disappointed – everyone will find activities for their own taste.

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