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Armacao de Pera trip

Armacao de Pera trip

An Armacao de Pera trip will have you visiting what used to be a fishing location, named after an inland region of Pera, from which fishermen used to come down with a specially adapted boat, called an armacao.

Nowadays Armacao de Pera is a very lively Algarve resort, very popular with Portuguese holidaymakers especially, so much so that the outskirts of the town are now populated with a huge number of apartment buildings.

As opposed to the majority of Algarve towns and cities, the centre isn’t the oldest part of Armacao de Pera, instead the ‘old village’ is located at the eastern end of the town, close to the fishermen’s beach. This is the more typical Algarvean area of the town, where you’ll find the remains of a 17th century fort initially built to protect the village from pirates and corsairs. The fort was actually built by a wealthy fishing boat owner who was interested in protecting his income, and there’s a chapel inside the fort, dedicated to Santo Antonia, also from the 17th century. The views offered by the fort are totally worth the visit there, allowing you to see the extremely long stretch of golden sand which goes from Senhora da Rocha to Praia de Gale, near Albufeira. And if you want to see those places up close, employ our Armacao de Pera car rental services, and you won’t regret it.

The rest of the place is a mix of only slightly weather worn buildings and the aforementioned new apartment blocks.

Once you go into town and start exploring the winding network of little streets, you’ll find these abuzz with a variety of shops, cafes, bars and all sorts of eating establishments.

There are of course many other things to see and do while in Armacao de Pera, so make sure that you employ some of our Algarve car hire services in order to explore the town and its surroundings in detail.



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