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Argentina trip

Argentina trip

There are plenty of reasons why going on an Argentina trip is advisable to those looking for a very classical and quintessential South American experience.

The country is a convoluted mix of urban life, natural wonders and beauty and a distinct culture which has influenced many others on the continent.

The urban scape of Argentina has a lot of pleasures and opportunities to offer and looks just as much of a jumble as it is described, a sort of urban mosaic of drab apartment blocks and random architecture combined with cafes, clubs and flowery draped sidewalks.

On the other side of the coin there are loads of great natural attractions that the country has to offer. Starting with the incredible Iguazu Falls, the country boasts the highest peaks in the Andes, as well as some rich wetlands, a few deserts here and there, and let’s not forget the massive ice fields and arid steppes of Patagonia. There’s also forests, glacial lakes, the Andean salt flats and all manner of flora and fauna that populate all of these incredibly diverse settings.

As far as the Argentinian culture goes it can boast that it has contributed something to world culture – and this is a boast not all countries can make. We’re talking about a steamy dance that’s been oftentimes described as ‘making love while still vertical’, of course we’re talking about tango.

You will find numerous venues aimed at teaching, practicing and perfecting one’s tango moves, from dance salons to dance events – milongas – set in atmospheric cafes.

Local cuisine is part of culture as much as language is and in Argentina you can satisfy the most carnal of cravings with perfectly grilled beef stakes. Parrillas – or steak houses – can be found pretty much on every corner and all of them offer about every cut of meat that you could imagine.

These paragraphs don’t even scratch the surface of what Argentina is, but hopefully the interest you enough in planning a trip to Argentina and if you do, don’t forget to employ our Argentina car rental services.



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