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An improbable, but exotic Christmas in Africa

An improbable, but exotic Christmas in Africa

I guess we have already started to explore the best options when it comes to spending blessed winter holidays someplace great, but today we take this search one step farther… and make a twist. Let’s explore the option of an improbable, but exotic Christmas in Africa!

Ok, so the ideal (albeit somewhat formulaic) image of Christmas is in a cold, white and preferably European – or at least Christian – landscape. Somehow, the idea of palm trees, luxuriant vegetation and wild animals lurking about just doesn’t sound quite… erm, normal. But what if we decided to color outside the lines a little bit?

South Africa escapes the third-world paradigm, a newly industrialized upper-middle economy. Colonized by Europeans in the 17th century, the region is now the haven of a multiethnic and multi-cultural society that encompasses several languages (11, actually!), religions and many traditions. English is, of course, known by virtually everyone in the country, which makes tourism all the more easy.

Not that the idyllic, exotic paradisiac setting wouldn’t do the work already – because it does. The “Rainbow Nation” will welcome you to paradise and give you the opportunity to do something completely different for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve.

So for this Christmas, Santa Claus will hopefully find you soaking in sun in an awesome Safari in South Africa. In Cape Town, you can enjoy the occidental life in the bars, restaurants and clubs. But if you are in for a little more adventure, you should really go for an authentic Safari experience at the Kruger National Park, where you can admire a fascinating variety of animals in a luxuriant setting. Lodgings can be found nearby – and they are luxury class – while the nightlife in Johannesburg rivals with that of any European city.

And did you think services are lacking in any way here? With South Africa rent a car, you can benefit from excellent transport services.



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