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An amazing low cost excursion in Romania – Part 2

An amazing low cost excursion in Romania – Part 2

Last time we had started talking about an amazing low cost skiing excursion in Romania and we covered a few options on Prahova Valley, one of the most beautiful and popular mountainside center in the country.
What we really didn’t get to talk about is the “low cost” part. So don’t worry, we’ll cover all of that today in the following lines.
The beautiful and wild Transylvania is home to some of the most beautiful, deep forests and to some of the most posh winter resorts in Romania. Let’s not forget the German heritage of these realms, so you will feel pretty much like in Innsbruck or Kitzbuhel in Paltinis or Arena Platos, Sibiu county.
The county center, Sibiu (formerly known as “Hermannstadt”) is a European Cultural Capital City of a few years ago and a town of great beauty and historical importance. It witnessed the cohabitation of several peoples and got the best out of the cultural influences of every one of them. We are mentioning it because you really should visit it given the chance. You can rent a car in Sibiu to enjoy all the freedom or roaming around the region.
Anyway, some 30 kilometers away from Sibiu city, in Sibiu county, you will find Arena Platos, where you can get lodgings, dinner and a ski pass starting from only 100 Euro per person per trip (lasting five days). You can even enjoy the services of a professional ski instructor, all included in this fabulous price. The resort is also beautiful, pleasant and more quiet and relaxing than the more hyped resorts surrounding it.
And if you really want to practice winter sports high in the idyllic landscape of the dramatic Carpathians, Brasov with its Poiana Brasov must definitely make the top of your list.
Romania, here we come!



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