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Alternative winter sports and where to try them

Alternative winter sports and where to try them

Today we’ll be taking a look at alternative winter sports and a few destinations where to try them, because we always talk about where to go to ski or snowboard, but not a lot about alternatives. So let’s give skiing and snowboarding a break and check out some other options.

Norway – Dog-sledding

This is one of the more unique ways in which to experience the Scandinavian snowlands, with the fresh and cold air biting at your face while a pack of lively husky dogs pulling you through the seemingly endless expanses of snow. This isn’t a simple proposition, because while the happy canines will be doing most of the work for you, they won’t be doing all of it, you need to be in rather good shape to stay on the sled and flex with the changes of level, but even those who are in good shape should still expect sore arms the following morning. Lots of tourist boards across Scandinavia arrange day excursions for complete beginners.

French Alps – Snowshoeing

Not really as exciting a sport as the canine-powered one but still a marvelous and different experience altogether.  You can tread merrily over white plains wearing snowshoes to stop you from sinking into the snow. Snowshoes are those tennis-racket-like things you put on your feet to distribute your weight over a larger area. The snowshoes have developed to a certain extent not looking like tennis rackets any longer, instead they are quite formidable footwear that will keep you upright on snowy terrain thus allowing you to take in the wonderful panoramas around,

Finland – Ice fishing

Ice fishing is for those who are looking for silence, tranquility and staying still a lot, in rather cold weather. Fishing is regarded as a sport and that still remains true even when it is done through a hole in a thick layer of ice, sitting on a portable chair.



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