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A year-round invitation to Hurghada

A year-round invitation to Hurghada

If you are planning a trip to Egypt, among the destinations you simply have to check is one in particular: a new town (founded no sooner than the early last century) that is a “non-stop” destination. A year-round invitation to Hurghada has been made, therefore let’s see what’s in store!

The third largest city in Egypt, but perhaps the first in terms of accessible tourism, Hurghada is a new time with a friendly atmosphere and lots and lots of excitement awaiting the national and international visitors.

Due to its dry, but temperate-warm climate throughout the year, it is open to the public and visited by tourists year-round. What most attracts visitors to these realms are the long, beautiful natural beaches, excellent for practicing water sports, particularly swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

But shopping and sightseeing are also popular choices among less adventurous tourists.

This resort off the coast of the Red Sea is also an awesome place for (mostly Europeans) to come party (mostly at night). This is when the city truly comes to life and even if you are not much of a “club-dweller”, you can join in the fun or hit the dance floor for a night.

Marine life plays an important role in the natural life of the city and its surroundings, so there is a selection of excursions you really should look into during your time spent there. Gota Abu Ramada (just 5 km away from the Giftun Islands) is the most fascinating place for taking underwater photographs. With a professional camera and some diving skills, you can take the photo of your life and hang it on your bedroom wall to remind you of your amazing Egyptian trip.

What is a bit tricky when traveling to Egypt is negotiating the maze of narrow streets and crowded centers. But don’t worry! With Hurghada Airport Transfers, you can benefit from transport in the region for accessible prices.