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A weekend trip to Limassol Cyprus

A weekend trip to Limassol Cyprus

Greece’s neighbour country doesn’t seem to be going through the same crisis, and since the beauty of the two sister-countries is comparable, Cyprus is an amazing holiday option for this summer. A weekend trip to Limassol Cyprus is just what you might need to recharge your batteries and get the most beautiful summer memories.

On the southern coast, Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and the most populous one in the country. Limassol Port has been one of the most active and prosperous in the Mediterranean Sea. Today, though somewhat outshined by fellow resort cities Paphos and Larnaca, Limassol still has a vivid cultural and social life. It is home to the Cyprus University of Technology and to a wide variety of museums and archeological attractions.

After you have been to the beach, it’s time you visited something in town. One of the most remarkable spots here is the Limassol Castle, a 14th century Byzantine construction that now hosts the District Museum. The castle is where Richard Lionheart married Berengaria.

Would you like to take a stroll through town? Then the luxuriant Limassol Municipal Gardens are the logical choice for you, with their huge palm trees and exotic scented flowers. The Flower Festival is held here in September. Also, the gardens contain the only zoo in Cyprus.

After a walk through the beautiful Public Gardens, you can stop close by at the Archeological Museum of Limassol, where you can trace back the history of the island from the Neolithic Age to this day. Ancient tools and artifacts, Roman coins, jewelry and figurines, but also Egyptian statues of the gods and other relics can be admired here.

Cyprus is not a very large country, but negotiating any new place can be tricky. For this, you may find use in the services of Cyprus car rental or in a Larnaca airport transfer or a Paphos taxi.



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