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A romantic Asian Valentine’s Holiday

A romantic Asian Valentine’s Holiday

Dear lovers everywhere, your day is nearly here. After exhausting all the traditional, conventionally romantic options, we have a suggestion today. Here’s what to see and how to plan a romantic Asian Valentine’s Holiday.

Who wants chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and two dozens of carnations when you can ask your loved one to take you someplace nice and exotic, like Asia? It might not be a walk down the cobblestone streets of a European capital city, but a visit to the mystical Buddhist temples or an exciting adventure in Tokyo can be equally appealing.

Japan would be a first suggestion, with its scenic landscapes, grand capital city and traditional countryside. In spring, the gardens burst in color and sweet scent with the blossom of cherries (the famous sakura), but the winter season is equally appealing and the snowcapped Mt. Fiji towers majestically over the plains. You can rent a car in Tokyo if you want to visit the entire city – because it is huge and very crowded!

Why not go to heaven… on earth? Bali, the famous destination in Indonesia, means “heaven”. And the name does justice to this beautiful enchanted island of exotic wonders. As all volcanic islands, Bali offers dramatic views by the sea over the lush green plains beyond the sandy beaches. If you want a moment’s spiritual respite, go visit the Tirta Empul. On the other hand, if you are in for a little adventure, take your lover and climb on the back of an elephant for a unique safari.

Philippines is another must-see Asian destination. Our suggestion is Palawan, the epitome of island romanticism in the country. After a dive and some sunbathing, we recommend a visit to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, the longest network of underground rivers and a UNESCO World Heritage site.