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A ride through Funchal Madeira

A ride through Funchal Madeira

It’s in the news already (as if that were even necessary): the summer atmosphere has contaminated the entire northern hemisphere with its sweet scent, sunny skies and rumour of vacation; so to celebrate that, today we suggest taking a ride through Funchal Madeira.

500 kilometers away from Africa and  about 1000 away from Europe, in the middle of the calm Atlantic Ocean, stretches the Island of Madeira, an autonomous region belonging to Portugal. Access to the island is usually done by air, so the first thing you’ll see as you approach this idyllic stretch of land will be Funchal airport.

After taking a Madeira airport transfer, you will delve into the heart of Funchal, the capital city of the island, a beautiful setting, an old port with peaceful yet lively atmosphere, warm weather all year round and harmonious architecture (from its 15th-century Cathedral and convent that include the resting place of Joao Goncalves Zarco, the one who in 1421 founded the town, to modern constructions and residential neighbourhoods).

If you rent a car in Funchal, you can take a tour of the city center. In Monte, a particularly popular area, you can visit the Palace, the Fountain Square and the beautiful Monte Park with its lake and exotic plants. And if you are open to an innovative transport option, you can descend from Monte back to the town center in a sliding basket – don’t worry, there are 2 drivers of this contraption, so you should be safe.

It is important to know there are plenty of things you can do in town and its surroundings. For instance, you can go hiking, exploring the “levadas” of the Laurisilva forest and explore the peaks of Areeiro and Ruivo if you are in for a challenge.

Of course, there are water sports like scuba diving and sailing you can practice on this exotic island and you can always go to the beach and lie in the sun without a care in the world… What a life!