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5 Things to remember when planning a trip to Cyprus

5 Things to remember when planning a trip to Cyprus

It’s summer already and you feel like dying in your stuffy office, bored and over stressed? Don’t fret, there’s still hope: if you’ve still got dreams, you can always plan an exotic getaway. Thus, here are 5 Things to remember when planning a trip to Cyprus:

  1. Cyprus is the third largest island-state in the Mediterranean Sea, a member of the European Union and an independent nation (since 1960). The local currency is the Euro. Divided between the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots, the country still managed to forge its own national identity and, thanks to its wonderful exotic seaside setting, has become a major player in the European tourist industry.
  1. With its Hellenistic origin, Cyprus is one of the greatest preserves of the Byzantine legacy. Throughout the country, there are countless tourist attractions, monasteries and museums that speak of the glorious past of the Empire. Also, the official religion of the country is Orthodox Christianity.
  1. The warm weather of Cyprus (torrid in the summer) make it a great seaside destination, especially in late spring and early autumn – so if you are planning an extra-season holiday, be sure to put Cyprus on your list.
  1. Among the best places to go in Cyprus, we should count Limassol (a port city buzzing with excitement), Paphos (the cultural capital city of the country) and Larnaca (one of the oldest cities and ideal for long romantic promenades). With a Larnaca airport transfer or a Paphos airport taxi, you can benefit from the easiest way of reaching your destination.
  1. To travel around the country  – which is quite large, for an island at least – it is best to book a Cyprus car rental in advance. The prices are not high and it’s always comfortable to have the possibility of mobility at hand.



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