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5 Things to do and see in Brno

5 Things to do and see in Brno

Long gone are the days when the Czech Republic was the symbol of the communist regime, with its rigid outside and confined policy. Today, the country is eager to open its gates and celebrate its identity with much pride. So today we would like to take you on tour of one of the most prominent cities here with a new top 5 Things to do and see in Brno.

But first, let’s remember that Brno is the second city in size in the Czech Republic and the capital city and center of the historic state of Moravia, dating back to the dawns of humankind. It is a vibrant academic center, but also a place to practice sports.

5. Enjoy pastries and pies and coffee in one of the coffee shops in town. This will prove to be one of the most bohemian experiences you can enjoy in a European trip.

4. Visit the Spilberk Castle and the City Museum of Brno while in town. Actually, it’s just one visit, since  the 13th-century castle built by King Poemysl Otakar II presently houses the museum. As well as temporary and permanent exhibitions, the museum also hosts plays and concerts and many other cultural events.

3. The Moravian Caves are a natural curiosity you shouldn’t miss. The Karst covers 100 sq km and contains over 1000 gorges and beautiful caves.

2. Take pictures from the wonderfully scenic Veveri Castle, an 11th-century medieval building overlooking the Svratka River. Winston Churchill was a guest here long ago.

1. Take a moment to reflect at the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. This symbol of Brno city was built in the 18th century and is regarded as a national, not only local, monument.

All this and more can be visited in the amazingly picturesque city of Brno. All you have to do is book a Prague airport transfer to get from the capital city there.