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5 Things that will make you want to visit Morocco

5 Things that will make you want to visit Morocco

A trip to the Orient can be a rather intimidating experience for the Western tourist, because there are different cultural paradigms and there are different ways of approaching certain aspects of life that make for a truly intercultural experience. But halfway between the East and the West, we find an amazing case study: the country where the film Casablanca” was shot. So here are 5 Things that will make you want to visit Morocco.

5. Morocco is the most Western country of the Arab space. This is actually confirmed by the Arabic name of the country: al-Magrib al-Aqsa actually translates into “extreme west”.

4. If you like warmth and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius long after summer is over, Marrakech is the place for you. Dubbed “the Red City”, it is so sunny that it requires sunscreen and protection from the rays all day long and all year long. Not even winter can protect you from the sun here!

3. What’s the place that triggers the idea of fishing? In other words: what is the largest exporter of sardines in the world? Nope, not the North-European countries, but – you’ve guessed it – Morocco. When in Casablanca, be sure to order one of the local fish specialties.

2. What makes Morocco relevant from the cultural point of view? Apart from the French and Spanish protectorate, maybe it might be interesting to know that Morocco has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age, between 190.000 and 90.000 BC.

1. Did you think “Casablanca” was the only film to be shot in Morocco? Think again! “Gladiator”, “Kundun” and “Lawrence of Arabia” have been shot at the Atlas Studios near Ouarzazate. They are called the Moroccan Hollywood and have been active for over a century.

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