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5 Cities to visit in Portugal

5 Cities to visit in Portugal

One destination you simply cannot miss putting on your travel list is Portugal, a melancholy and beautiful realm, just like its people. So to this effect, here is a list of 5 Cities to visit in Portugal. And you know what the greatest thing is? This is just a start – an idea of an itinerary – for your Portuguese trip.

  1. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is a European capital city that must make your list, but not only that: it has all the chances of making your personal top, that is if you like extremely personal experiences and innovative destinations. While you are here, since the town is quite large, it is recommended that you call on Lisbon car hire to book and collect your very own set of rental wheels.
  2. Sintra, not very far from Lisbon, is a truly fairytale town, all green and with wonderful castles scattered all around the place. The most amazing of these is the colorful, romantic Pena Palace.
  3. Coimbra, one of the oldest university towns in the world, is a lovely quiet and young town with beautiful architecture and breathtaking riverfront views. It is not tourists’ first choice – for no obvious reason – but this could be a perk if you enjoy a new and interesting destination, where you may enjoy a bit less crowds.
  4. Porto, “Cidade Invicta” (the “invincible town”) is the center of Northern Portugal, a rich and industrial town, but also a renowned cultural hub where you can spend endless roaming around the winding cobblestone streets. If you opt for a Porto tour, you can also venture outside the town, to admire the beautifully sunlit pastures of the hills embracing the Douro River bed.
  5. Estoril is a great place to enjoy the beaches by the Atlantic Ocean, practice outdoors sports and go shopping. It’s posh and welcoming in equal measures – and very authentic, just like the beautiful people of this beautiful country.




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