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5 Best places to spend Valentine’s Day

5 Best places to spend Valentine’s Day

With its colorful display of red roses, chocolate boxes and heart-shaped balloons, Valentine’s Day is nearly here. Cities and shops are already dressed in bright garments for celebration. Those of you who have imagination and the possibility to travel, there is always the option of a weekend getaway someplace beautiful.

Sure, spending Lovers’ Day in your own town, in the lovely company of your partner, at home or in a restaurant will be option #1. But if you really want to show your love, you can actually exploit the fact that Valentine’s is a Saturday this year and plan an unforgettable weekend away with your better half.

To help you decide, here is our choice 5 Best places to spend Valentine’s Day:

Porto, the heart and soul of Northern Portugal, the richest and most classy part of the country, is an ancient cultural center and a thriving economic hub. What attracts so many tourists to Porto is its romantic air and the wonderful gardens, among which the Crystal Gardens and the Porto Botanical Garden are a must see.

Malta is the island-country of the Knights Templar, of ancient ruins and modern entertainment. The Mediterranean, sun and fun is what is in store if you are planning a dynamic getaway with your loved one.

Tenerife in Spain is an awesome place to be these days, especially with the ongoing Tenerife Carnival. Your loved one will definitely enjoy all the life, but don’t forget to take your dancing shoes and a wacky costume!

Marseilles is buzzing with excitement, like all French port cities. But it is also a romantic destination, whose winding streets with candlelit restaurants you can roam hand in hand with your half.

Prague, with its medieval architecture and eclectic air, is one of the most romantic European places to be. Take your lover to the city center and enjoy the delight of a warm coffee in one of the lovely cafes there while you watch the world go by.

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