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10 great cities with great beaches part 1

10 great cities with great beaches part 1

Well the weather in most of Europe is pretty wintery at this time so what better time to look at 10 great cities with great beaches than now. Because sometimes, you’re not sure whether to visit a city during your break or lounge on the beach for your entire holiday, so here’s a combination of both.

Barcelona, Spain

This is by far Spain’s most cosmopolitan urban conglomerations, and also one of the Mediterranean’s most hectic ports. The restaurant, bars and clubs are always packed, especially during the summer when the seaside is also packed. The city has a stretch of lively beaches northeast from the Port Olimpic marina.

The southernmost beach – Platja dela Nova Icaria – is the busiest and behind it you’ll find the Placa del Campions where you’ll find the rusting three-tiered platform used to honor the medallists in the sailing events of the 1992 Olympic games. We should mention that the beaches here are mostly artificial, however this does very little to stop the around seven million sun worshipers and bathers to visit the place each year.


Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a city famed for being a beach hot-stop, with a lot of good-looking, fun-loving and sociable atmosphere to go with that reputation. The coastline is dotted with several beaches, and you’ll be glad to know that there’s one for pretty much any and all occasions. Those who are single or into partying tend to head towards the west of the coastline for cocktail sipping and dancing, while those looking for a bit of a quieter time, maybe couples with families go east to Fish Hoek beach.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There is very little or very much that can be said about this destination, and many have talked, written and blogged about it, and will continue to do so for the future because its powers of seduction are truly unbelievable. Copacabana and Ipanema are world-renown beaches and the city itself is an incredibly interesting layered experience.


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